What percentage of escondido is hispanic?

Race and Ethnicity 51.7% of people in Escondido, CA are Hispanic (78.2k people). Dig deeper into the demographics of Escondido on the data, census, and the U.S. UU. City Hall 201 North Broadway Escondido CA 92025. Escondido is a city in the U.S.

state of California, located 30 miles northeast of downtown San Diego, 15 miles from the ocean and 40 miles from the Mexican border in the northern region of San Diego County. The Escondido Arts Partnership, a non-profit art organization established in 1995, created and organizes the Second Saturday Art Walk, in which several galleries and museums participate in Escondido. With 150,396 inhabitants, Escondido is the 38th most populous city in the state of California among 1,578 cities. With the most current & most popular demographics, it's the perfect starting point for your research on Escondido and the rest of California.

Escondido Adult School is a provider of adult education services in Escondido and surrounding communities. The median age of the population of Escondido is 36.9, the population of Escondido by age is, under 18 is 35,293, 16 years or older is 119,187, 18 years or older is 116,326, 21 years or older is 111,805, 65 years or older is 28.517.

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