Is escondido a good neighborhood?

Escondido is a pleasant city to live in. It's a big city, where you can find lots of shops and things to do. There is a central area where you can find many local restaurants and shops. If you have children, you'll also find excellent schools.

Is Escondido, CA a safe place to live? With the crime rate in Escondido at approximately 349.51 per 100,000 residents, crime in the city is approximately 24% lower than the national average. Escondido neighborhoods are considered safe communities where people can live in comfort and peace of mind. It is important to choose an area with good consistency in school grades. While the area you're seeing right now may have great elementary schools for your young children, it's worth looking at the middle and high schools they'll attend when they grow up.

Niche's quality ratings from nearby elementary, middle, and high schools are very similar. If you have children and want a consistent school experience as they grow, this neighborhood can be a good place to plant roots for the long term. The ads help us keep CrimeGrade free to use. Considering only the crime rate, Escondido is safer than the California state average and as safe as the national average.

The map shows the places where residents of Escondido and the surrounding area believe are the best places to live. Also shown are areas such as San Marcos, CA and Valley Center, CA. The upper areas are in purple and green, with the less desired areas in red. Escondido has its own Escondido Unified School District, which offers accredited programs for local students.

While the cost of living in Escondido is approximately 7% lower than the California average, it is still nearly 43% more expensive than the national average. With a population of 151,038 people and 37 constituent neighborhoods, Escondido is California's 38th largest community. Housing costs in Escondido are among the highest in the nation, although real estate prices here don't compare to real estate prices in California's most expensive communities.

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