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Rally in full swingMary Jane behind the flagCarl and Mary Jane sing 2 songs!
Aktion ClubAktion ClubClub Speaker 11-3
Ted Kleiter001_IMG_0059.jpgDonna gives dollars for her ill Mum.Keyclub advisor.6-18-09
Ken Myers talks about litening to children read.007_IMG_0066.jpgWine Tasting at Noon
More weight had been dropped....Just about done.  Major expansion of the Garden area for the Chjildrens Museumclub advisor at work advising
Our President BobMary Brown talks about MS.3-15-07Len and Mary Ellen are back!!!!!
Escondido Police Chief 6-12-08
Meetings: Every Thurs. at 12:00 to 1:20 pm·Cocina Del Charro, Banquet Room, 890 W Valley Pkwy, Escondido, CA, 92025 ·760-504-8189